B-reel.media is a creative production boutique run by Bas van Wijk
I create high-end content, commercials and digital media.
B-reel.media is founded by Bas van Wijk in 2000

Bas van Wijk
From graduating Art school (Visual Communication) to working at broadcast creative departments for NOB, Sport 7, TMF, MTV, SBS and post production for Dutch & international television to leading his own creative production company, always with creativity at its core.
His interests and skills are in graphic design, typography, photography, film and animation.

BRM | B-reel.media stimulates and motivates the professionals working within or for B-reel.media, as well as clients, to get the best results.
By giving each project a personal and creative touch, by the persuit of perfection and by optimal client contact I guarantee the quality of our products.

I want to produce work that achieves its commercial objectives (brand building, generating awareness etc.)
To create work that I can stand behind, work that makes me feel proud good and satisfied. (and you too)
I want to reflect ideas from a consumer's perspective and take the work incredibly seriously. (not myself)

B-reel.media is founded in 2000 By Bas van Wijk and Basten Zwart.
With different backgrounds in Art/Film and Organisation Bas and Basten met each other at TMF The Music Factory. Basten was leading the design and promo department and Bas worked for NOB Post-Production. In 2011 Basten left the company.

B-reel.media was shortly based in Den Bosch, operating from a former industrial plant.
After a year (being tired of traffic-jams) we moved to 'The Attic' on the Vondellaan in Utrecht.
Three coffee machines and a lot of great work later, we were happily based on the Oudenoord 103 in Utrecht.

One of our first big assignments was designing a new identity for V8 a broadcast station part of SBS Group.
We designed all on-air graphics, sound, as wel as promo layouts, and participated in auditioning the channels voice-over.
As a creative team we implemented a lot of our knowhow in broadcast-management, broadcast-design and broadcast-technology to design a total new channel-identity from the ground up in just two months.

B-reel.media has always been active in producing and designing leaders, promo's and commercials for a variety of international companies, networks and agencies.
Later on we also started producing and directing commercials, such as the 'Hi Pinguin' commercial for KPN/HI, shot on 35mm film, which was the highest rated tv commercial by KPN/Hi.


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